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What does our work with the Latinx population look like?

 Timber Creek Counseling is invested in providing mental health services to those within the Latinx community. Our counselors are culturally humble and strive to acknowledge the unique elements of each patient's cultural and individual identity.  We are also able to provide counseling in both English and Spanish. 

Image by Jess @ Harper Sunday

Angela Berges MA, LMSW specializes in working with the Latinx population.  She arrived in the United States with her family from Colombia when she was eight years old. She has both personal and professional experience working with Latinx communities. Angela received her master’s in social work from the University of Chicago. As a second-year student, Angela was awarded The Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial Scholarship for her commitment to working with the Latino and African American populations. Angela worked with Latinx communities while living in Chicago and specialized in Lanix mental health and learned how to integrate culturally competent interventions. She supports clients as they explore how their racial/cultural/gender identities may influence how they navigate life’s changes. Her goal is to work alongside the client to create a space where they feel seen and unafraid to be themselves.

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·To learn more about what counseling looks like at Timber Creek please visit our Services page.  There we provide an overview of our services, describe what the sessions will look like, and detail what areas of concerns we can address. 


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