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Lynne Spencer, MA, LLP, RN

Lynne is not currently accepting new clients.


Lynne Spencer  (She/Her) is an experienced Masters Level Psychologist. She is a registered nurse, specializing in Psychiatric/Behavioral Nursing, since 1983. Lynne graduated from the Michigan School of Psychology (formerly the Center for Humanistic Studies) in 2000 with a Master’s in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology.  She has worked in hospital, outpatient clinic, residential, community mental health and home care settings.

Lynne’s special areas of interest include donor conception, adoption, depression, trauma, grief and loss,  Mind-Body-Spirit integration, and the LGBTQ population.  She works with adults through all life stages. 

Lynne believes it is important for everyone to have their life story heard, understood and honored. She enjoys helping people grow through facing up to their life challenges and gaining more life satisfaction and purpose.

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