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Managing Anxiety and Depression Skill Building Group for Teens

About the Group

Our Managing Anxiety & Depression skill-building group is a virtual group led by a licensed social worker. This group will entail discussions and activities where participants will learn coping skills for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression utilizing a CBT-minded approach. This will include social, emotional, and motivational topics to encourage members to explore within themselves.

Image by Helena Lopes
Image by Alexis Brown

What skills will be developed during this group?

● Emotional Resilience

● Self-Regulation

● Relaxation & Stress Reduction Techniques

● Managing Cognitive Distortions

● Mindfulness

● Cognitive Restructuring​

Learn More

  • Our next group will start mid-February and will run for eight weeks.  The group is limited to 12-15 people. The group is led by Abby Fedewa, LMSW and Sydney Kutt, BA.  The cost is $40/session, and this group accepts most BCBS and BCN insurance plans.  If cost is an issue, please contact about scholarships that may be available.

  • To learn more about our Managing Anxiety & Depression Skill Building Group fill out our intake form or contact

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