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torrent, torrent, torren,...A reader asks the simple question, “Is converting to a Paleo Diet really healthy for an athlete?” Let me start off by saying, I have no idea about the scientific validity of the Paleo Diet. I can’t even determine if it’s really a “diet.” I do know that my own experience is that it has helped me lose weight and feel better while increasing my energy. My point of reference in this discussion has always been that of an average, healthy, sedentary adult of average body type. Back to the reader. I have seen a few discussions in the past about Paleo Dieters and athletes. For example, I have seen a couple of web posts where a Paleo Dieter wanted to know why this diet was “possible” for an athlete. To which I respond, “Why not?” From my experience, there is absolutely no reason it shouldn’t be possible. I, however, want to be very clear that I am NOT saying that if you are trying to become an athlete and doing a Paleo Diet that you should ignore the nutrition aspect of the diet. You should be very intentional about your nutrition choices and constantly work at improving it. From an Athlete’s Point of View What I do think is it that you will find it pretty easy to “convert” to Paleo Diet if you are trying to become an athlete. The major changes you are making to your diet are all in how you view nutrition and how you balance it with your training. More Protein, Lower Carbohydrates From your healthy, sedentary, average body type, the Paleo Diet is low in carbs and high in protein. This is the part of the diet that will likely be the most noticeable difference for you in becoming an athlete. Carbs, especially sugar, are responsible for excess body fat and they have the same detrimental effect on your body whether you are sedentary or athletic. There are, however, some that believe that the more carbs you eat in the context of athletic training, the better (I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere). Carbohydrates have a different function when training and training is different when you are an athlete. The Paleo Diet, on the other hand, allows you to have higher protein intakes and allows you to move more frequently throughout the day




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UTorrent Pro 5.5.7 Build 42332 Stable Pro Pack .rar (2022)
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