Timber Creek prides itself on providing comprehensive care and offering an array of counseling, assessment, consultation, and coaching services to meet your needs. Our treatment approach is evidence-based, individualized, and strengths-focused.  


If you have further questions, inquires, or would like to schedule an appointment you can contact us at 734-719-0380 or by emailing us.


By providing a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, we will help you develop both insight and tools to more effectively navigate your life.


We support couples in a variety of ways.  With the guidance of a counselor, couples can restore intimacy and their sense of connection, improve their communication skills, and get unstuck from destructive, repetitive patterns so that you can enjoy a more satisfying relationship.


Family counseling can improve communication and interactions among some or all family members. We work to effectively reduce conflict and distress through individual, pair, or family sessions, as needed. We will help you assess and understand any problems and will collaborate with you to develop new ways of approaching and handling the problem in a respectful and effective way.


As children and adolescents grow, they often are faced with social, emotional, and mood-related challenges. We utilize a range of therapeutic approaches, including play therapy and traditional talk counseling, in order to assist youth with developing insight into challenges they are facing and discovering ways of utilizing their personal strengths.


Group counseling is highly effective as participants get support from peers who are going through similar issues as well as feedback from the psychologist facilitating the group. Counseling groups typically focus on a specific topic and occur on a standing time and day.


Psychological testing has many uses, including (but not limited to): clarifying diagnoses and presenting issues; testing for giftedness, acquiring special needs accommodations; and creating treatment plans. You will receive comprehensive feedback and recommendations that are realistic and implementable.  All assessments utilize empirically validated tools and procedures.


Our life coaching aims to motivate, offer emotional support, and create confidence in our clients.  We help you focus on creating and achieving goals and hold you accountable to those goals.  We also support you in finding fulfillment, meaning, and balance in you life.

*Note life coaching services are performed by a certified coach, not a licensed health professional.



We understand that schedules and distance may make it difficult for you to visit our office in person, so we have the option to provide Teletherapy sessions. We can hold sessions on Simple Practice, a secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Simple Practice works on all popular browsers and smartphones using iOS or Android, giving you access to counseling remotely.


We provide speaking engagements, workshops, and presentations to a range of organizations for various purposes. Examples of topics include (but are not limited to): Cultivating Humility; Stress management in the workplace; Communication in the Workplace; Aging Well In Your Older Years; Mindfulness in School/Workplace; Thriving through Separation or Divorce as a Parent


We provide a range of consultation services. Consultation areas include (but are not limited to): Clinical consultation to other mental and medical health professionals and organizations; Education and providing feedback on psychological concepts to employers, teachers, or religious leaders; Mental health support for nonprofit or youth organizations decreasing mental health stigma.

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Timber Creek Counseling promotes the wellness and dignity of adults, children, families, and couples through providing compassionate, evidence-based, and individualized mental health care. We specialize in couples counseling, family services, and teen/adolescent counseling. Our highly trained psychologists also offer testing services including ADHD evaluations and evaluations for learning disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders in children and adults.  Our service area includes Chelsea, Dexter, Ann Arbor, Grass Lake, Manchester, and Stockbridge. By using this site you establish your consent to the terms of use.