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Therapeutic Table Top
Role Playing Game Group

What is a Theraputic Table Top Role Playing Game Group?

TTRPG Therapy is a form of group therapy that is led by a licensed counselor and utilizes narration and role play to help group members work as a team to solve problems, improve interpersonal effectiveness, increase frustration tolerance, and emotional resilience through the use of storytelling and gameplay.  Through the game, players will be able to roll dice, create characters, explore unique worlds, join arms to defeat foes.

We utilize a program called Critical Core. Critical Core combines modern developmental therapies with the mechanics of tabletop role-playing games to help participants connect with their friends, their families, and the world around them.* The licensed counselor facilitates as the game master and players learn communication and collaboration skills, develop frustration tolerance and emotional resilience, and build empathy for others, all while rolling dice and having fun.  The counselor also leads game debriefs and guides skill development throughout the process. 

*Information from the Critical Core website.

Image by Ian Gonzalez
Image by Nika Benedictova

Who should consider a Therapeutic TTRPG Group?

While a diagnosis is not required to attend this group, participants in our Therapeutic Table Top Role Playing Game Group are frequently struggling with challenges associated with autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), social anxiety, or depression. Playing games in a safe, supportive, and fun environment helps participants build meaningful, supportive friendships while developing valuable skills related to:

  • Self-regulation

  • Perspective-taking

  • Communication and collaboration

  • Executive functioning

  • Imaginative play

Learn More

  • Our next groups will start Winter 2024 and will run for eight weeks.  The group is limited to 3-5 people. The group is led by Miles Keller, LPC.  The cost is $45/session, if cost is an issue, please contact about scholarships that may be available.

  • To learn more about our Therapeutic TTRPG Group or to join the waitlist fill out our intake form.

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