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What does our work with marginalized populations look like?

Timber Creek Counseling is especially concerned with providing mental health services to those who have historically been marginalized or oppressed in our society. Each counselor has training in understanding systemic issues and how they impact individuals. Our counselors are culturally sensitive and work hard to understand the values of each person we meet with, and consider it an incredible privilege to come alongside people to assist in positive change according to your values.

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We affirm diversity and empowering individuals within their particular contexts and histories. We understand that people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals have good reason to be careful about whom they choose for support with their mental health, and we are highly intentional about creating safe, helpful spaces for each person to navigate life. 

If you would like to receive assistance with sorting through concerns, please contact us at

Learn More

·To learn more about what counseling looks like at Timber Creek please visit our Services page.  There we provide an overview of our services, describe what the sessions will look like, and detail what areas of concerns we can address. 


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