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With family counseling, we help all members of the family improve communication, resolve conflict, feel empowered, and strengthen relationships. We create a compassionate and safe environment for all family members.


  • Communication struggles

  • Parenting concerns

  • Divorce or separation adjustment

  • Blended families


With family counseling, it is important for all individuals to feel understood and involved. From the assessment to treatment phase, it is important to understand the problems and goals from everyone's perspectives. While finding common goals shared by everyone is not always possible, our treatment will always return to integrating each person's goals with the best possible research on what treatment would help the family. 

Assessment Phase:

During the first couple sessions we will focus on determining the primary concerns and hopes from each family member. At times, it may be necessary to talk with a family member that may or may not be involved long-term in counseling. The family may also complete some different measures and have us connect with previous treatment providers.

Treatment Phase:

Typical treatment lasts around 20 sessions and will be tailored to your specific needs. We will use evidence-based practices, but the most important thing to us is that you feel safe and open to work on what you need to address. 

Maintenance Phase:

After the family has met your goals, it may be important to check-in from time to time. Some find that they want to meet every week, then once their goals are made, be all the way done. Others find it helpful to shift to checking in less regularly, but still planning in booster sessions to make sure they stay on track. 

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