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Keylea D'Arcy & Dr. Andrew Cuthbert selected for Be Kind To Your Mind Panel

Keylea D'Arcy, LLPC and Dr. Andrew Cuthbert, PsyD were selected to join a panel discussion with the Detroit Champions for Hope organization. This discussion will be directed towards caregivers and parents and centered around managing stress, caring for both your and your child's mental health care needs.

Keylea D’Arcy is an experienced educator, coach, and child advocate. Keylea received her Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Child Development along with a concentration in Montessori Education. She also received her Masters of Science in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She has almost a decade of experience working with children. Dr. Andrew Cuthbert received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. He serves as the clinical director of Timber Creek Counseling. He previously worked at the University of Michigan Mary A Rackham Institute, where he received specialized training in complex family issues. Prior to working at U of M, Dr. Cuthbert worked in a variety of outpatient mental health settings working with children, adults, and families.



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