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Timber Creek Couples Retreat. Marriage Retreat

Join us  

for a Refresh & Reset Experience 

Get ready for a relaxing weekend right in your backyard to focus on the heartbeat of your relationship.

What makes us


"This was incredibly energizing"

"It restored hope for me and made me excited to try in our marriage again"

"We have some hopeful next steps"

Our Couples Retreat


Is a research-backed experience that blends engaging content with time to enjoy the beautiful setting and activities available.  We have planned a couples retreat to be particularly convenient for couples local to this area.  An overnight stay is not needed!  We use an innovative blend of technology and nature to provide an optimal environment for growth.  Our award-winning, experienced facilitators will help you walk away feeling ready to tackle the next step in your relationship.   

This isn't your typical couples retreat.

What to Expect

Over the course of the retreat you will participate in multiple lectures from Dr. Cuthbert.  These sessions consist of engaging instruction and time to process with your partner.  Don't worry - you will not be asked to share intimate details of your relationship with the group. 

We will provide you with the results of your pre-retreat couples assessment and guide you on direct next steps based on the results.

You are also invited to explore the 70
+ acre campus  that includes wooded hills, walking trails, wildflowers, and a lake, all for your exploring. 

We also offer an optional 30 minute massage for only $30! 


Holding Hands

What Topics are Covered?

Is this retreat only for failing relationships?

Absolutely not! The topics addressed are applicable to all couples regardless of whether you are thriving or surviving.  This retreat is for those happily married, those unsatisfied in their marriage, those engaged, newly weds, committed partners, and seasoned couples.   A few of the topics include:

  • Healthy and Unhealthly Relationship Markers

  • Myths about Love

  • Schema for relationships

  • Attachment styles

  • Navigating change

  • Stronger communication

  • Building trust

  • Managing emotions


Meet your facilitator

Dr. Andrew Cuthbert

Dr. Cuthbert received his doctorate in clinical psychology, with a focus in marriage and family. He completed his predoctoral internship at the University of Michigan, where he received specialized training in couple's issues. He utilizes best practices in couple’s counseling, including research-informed techniques from the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and PREPARE-ENRICH.  Dr. Cuthbert has been working with couples for almost a decade and draws from his experience as a couples counselor and research to provide participants with high quality, engaging content. 

Retreat Details

Retreats are held locally in Chelsea, MI

We have both two day and single day retreats to fit into your busy schedules.

  • A variety of topics including: communication styles, myths of love, navigating change, managing emotions, & building trust

  • Refreshments during the retreat

  • Access to a beautiful 70+ acre campus including walking trails, fire pits, and a lake for your enjoyment.

  • Couples assessment and results review

  • Add-on options: couples massage, lodging at the Timber Creek Cottage, & catered lunch from The Lakehouse Bakery!

Couple Hugging
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