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Group counseling allows you to learn not only from the counselor, but also your peers in the group.  At Timber Creek Counseling we create a safe, caring, compassionate environment for all members of the group. The focus of our groups is to allow you to share your experiences, learn from the counselor, and listening to others experiences. Most groups typically run between 8-12 weeks on a weekly basis.


  • Self-compassion Group for Adults

  • Mindfulness for Kids

  • DBT for Adolescents

  • DBT for Adults

  • Divorce Care Group for Kids

  • Divorce Care Group for Adults

  • Happiness Group for Adults

  • How To Have Difficult Conversations for Adults

  • Aging Well Group for Older Adults

  • ACT Group for Adults

  • ACT Group for Teens


Some groups will be more process-oriented, and our role will be to help guide and facilitate conversation towards common goals. Other groups involve more concrete skill-building and will spend more time learning and practices healthier ways of relating to our thoughts or feelings.

Please contact Timber Creek Counseling for more information on which groups are currently offered or will be offered soon. 

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